Spotlight on, based in Sydney, Australia, is nothing less than one of the world's biggest outsourcing marketplaces. It has acquired numerous other companies of its type down the years, including,, LimeExchange and, all of which have simply added to its considerable might in the industry. 

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  • 16,500,000+ employers and freelancers signed up
  • 8,400,000+ jobs posted
  • Best for matching an extremely wide range of jobs to many millions of freelancers based around the world
  • Signing up, posting a project and receiving bids from freelancers are all free - however, project fees are charged relative to the value of the selected bid, the type of project and membership plan
  • Founded in 2009

Variety and Quality: 

If you are looking to hire a freelancer for your project, it's unlikely that you will struggle to find someone at - after all, as far as sheer numbers is concerned, this is one of the very biggest freelancer marketplaces. Not only does the site have more than 16,500,000 registered employers and freelancers, it has racked up more than 8,400,000 projects to date, with tens of thousands of users typically online at any one time to post or place bids for them. Categories of work represented on the site range from websites, IT, software, mobile, writing and design to data entry, product sourcing, sales, marketing, business and local jobs and services. 

Such high numbers and intense competition for the most desirable work in fields like design and writing help to keep the standards high, and it's easy to verify the quality of freelancers bidding for your projects by viewing their profiles, where you will find percentages for 'jobs completed', 'on budget', 'on time' and 'repeat hire rate'. You can also see the freelancer's average rating, along with the number of reviews that they have attracted in relation to their services. Prospective employers of freelancers are able to start a project or contest, in addition to browsing the site's directory and project showcase. 



The exact fees paid for the service depends on such factors as the value of the selected bid, the type of project and the chosen membership plan.

Platform Usability: 

Even if you've never used a freelancer marketplace like this before, you will find the site to be very cleanly presented, logically laid out and easy to use. Bear in mind that as an employer, you will be expected to post a project as you sign up, but this is a straightforward enough process - you simply need to select a category of work, provide some basic details, post it online and then await the first bids. Once a project has been posted, it is easy to view the project details and proposals and edit, delete, close or repost the project, or even invite freelancers to make a bid. 

Customer Support:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Online community 

Top 3 Pros and Cons: 

+ More than 16,500,000 registered users

+ Option to post both projects and contests

+ Wide range of membership plans

- Some negative reviews online about payment system

- Multitude of potentially confusing fees and charges

- No customer support phone number 


As you might expect given the immense membership count, affords plenty of opportunity for employers and freelancers alike. Although not all reviews of the service are complimentary, it is nonetheless highly acclaimed and widely recognised. Sign up now, and you'll see just how quick, convenient and effective is.

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