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Spotlight on GetACoder:

Since GetACoder was established in 2004, it has become a highly popular portal for employers seeking to outsource their programming, web design or writing jobs to talented freelancers - often overseas, where labor costs may be lower or quality higher.

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  • 370,000+ freelancers signed up
  • 79,000+ jobs posted
  • Best for finding the finest freelance programmers, web designers and writers based around the world
  • 10% commission fee plus $5 fixed fee for 'free' members, but Premium memberships also available from $7.95 per month
  • Founded in 2004

Variety and Quality:

The more than 370,000 freelancers registered at GetACoder doesn't sound like a very high number compared to the more than 9,000,000 that a platform like Upwork can offer, but on the plus side, the heavy focus on more technical fields makes the site a solid option for those seeking web design/development, programming or database development freelancers to outsource work to. In any case, those are far from the only fields of work that GetACoder caters for, with the site also having categories for writing, engineering, graphics/multimedia, marketing/promotion, gaming, testing/quality assurance and various other in-demand disciplines.

It is easy to peruse all of these categories that make up the site's complete directory of jobs, while much the same can be done for individual freelancers. Click through to a given worker's profile, and you will be able to read about their areas of expertise, service rating, skill rating, reported earnings, experience level and minimum rate. Premium members also have this status indicated on their profile, which should be a source of reassurance if you are looking for only the most serious freelancers who you can depend on to do the work.

Each freelancer profile also displays the feedback that they have received from previous employers, with links to those employers' own profiles - so you can be genuinely sure that the worker in question is the real deal. 


Although it is free to sign up to GetACoder and post a job, those who sign up as Premium Service Buyers can save money in the long run, with no commissions or fees being charged on their completed projects. As  Premium member, you can also attract a greater number of higher quality bids on your projects. 

Platform Usability: 

The GetACoder site has a simple, somewhat dated appearance compared to the sophisticated up-to-the-minute look of rivals like Upwork, but there's no denying its ease of use and functionality. All of the site's pages load quickly and there are clearly laid-out options across the top-of-the-page menu, including 'My Account', 'Post Job', 'Browse Jobs' and more. When posting a job, you will be asked to state the type of job (hourly or a project?), alongside such details as the exact category of work, planned start, expected duration and more - but with the form being fairly short, filling it in only needs to be a few minutes' work. 

Customer Support:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Social media 

Top 3 Pros and Cons: 

+ Wide range of programming, design and writing talent

+ Both 'free' and Premium membership options

+ Very fast-loading and easy to use website 

- Not as strong for non-technical disciplines

- Dated-looking website

- A lot of blank and inactive profiles 


GetACoder may look basic, but this is in many ways its strength - the site largely sticks to doing the simple things well. There are a lot of talented freelancers here looking for business, so why hesitate to sign up now if you could use their experience and knowhow?

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