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Spotlight on Outsourcely:

Outsourcely was launched in December 2014 by Oleg Posternatsky. It therefore lacks the established reputation of some of its rivals, but makes up for that by providing an incredible range of talented remote workers from the Phillipines, in such fields as design, web development, mobile applications, writing and many more.

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  • Thousands of freelancers signed up
  • Best for those seeking cheap part-time or full-time remote workers from the Philippines
  • No cut taken from the remote worker's paycheck - instead, employers pay to access the site
  • Founded in 2014

Variety and Quality:

The workers represented on Outsourcely may all be from the Phillippines, but there's definitely no lack of diversity in the skills that they offer - whether you require an affordable remote worker who will develop your next website, carry out some programming, provide administrative support or even translate an unfamiliar language, you will definitely find them somewhere on Outsourcely. Although the site doesn't publish information on the exact number of remote workers available through its platform, merely claiming "thousands", we found no shortage of suitable workers in whatever field we searched for via the site's easy-to-use interface.

Each worker on the site has their own profile providing a wealth of information, including their gender, age, location, desired salary and exact areas of expertise. Indeed, the site goes even further here, specifying what 'level' the worker is at for each skill in a wide range of areas, on a scale of one to five. You can also review the worker's 'About Me' section, check the rating that they have been given by employers and view their previous work experience, to name just a few of the seemingly endless possible actions. The complete Outsourcely interface gives you a huge range of functions to play with, but is clean in design and never feels overwhelming. 


The site distinguishes itself from rivals like Odesk, Elance and Freelancer in not taking a cut from the pay of the workers themselves - instead, employers wishing to hire the site's remote workers are invited to take advantage of any of the below plans. 

Platform Usability: 

A lot of thought has obviously been invested into the design of the Outsourcely site, for while it is immensely functional, it is also very clean and easy to use. Signing up is the work of a moment - you only need to provide a couple of basic details such as your email and password - and once you have, you will be presented with an intuitive interface that allows you to find workers by typing into a search box and perusing the list of workers that subsequently appears. You can also easily post remote jobs and bookmark workers for later reference, among all manner of other possibilities.

Customer Support:

  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Blog
  • Social media 

Top 3 Pros and Cons: 

+ Thousands of skilled and experienced remote workers to choose from

+ Wide range of represented skills on the site

+ Clean, easy to use online interface

- Not an established name like rivals Freelancer or Elance

- Geared towards long-term remote workers rather than casual or temporary workers

- No telephone support 


Outsourcely could have been forgiven for being a flawed service at this stage of its development, but it surprisingly appears to be anything but. With thousands of skilled and experienced Fillippino workers to choose from as well as an intuitive interface, why not sign up now to take early advantage?

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